The news anymore is outrageous. So there’s the Russia thing that part of me knew was coming because of the speech from Putin at the most recent, past Olympics. “We have not forgotten” sounded to me like fighting words. Sad thing is Russia may not have forgotten, but they must open their minds to the fact America hasn’t forgotten either.
Then, there’s the Israel situation. Mind you all this goes back to the beginning of time. Why telecast something that’s been going on forever because Israel believes they are the biggest fish in the ocean because they have their god? I’m not saying the christian/jewish god isn’t legitimately powerful. However being pagan proud I know all the gods are powerful. Not just theirs. The goddess Isis, the god Osiris, the goddess Nut, the god Ra, The god Odin, the goddess Freya, the God Buddha, the goddess Kwan Yin, the god Allah, the god Alator, the goddess Brigid, the god pan, the goddess Ceridwen, the god Mars, the goddess Athena, the Greenman, Father earth, Mother Sky, Father Sun, Mother Moon and all other deities otherwise unlisted here are just as powerful as Israel’s beloved.
Then there’s the blatant fact of all this death penalty bs, when its more a punishment for someone to live with the guilt of their wrongs up till they die of natural causes. I’m over it people. Completely, purely, solely, unequivocally OVER IT!
On a lighter note, things at Casa dé la Swan are fantastic. Planning the March 24, 2015 wedding. So far all that’s left to do is buy the fabric to do the train for my dress, get my pagan pentacle headress (yes we’re having a pagan hand fasting 😆), the rings still need purchased, get the centerpiece materials, and handcraft those (all guests will get to take one per couple home as they will be edible centerpieces), and a few other, fine detail based things. The PTSD episodes are still nerve racking, and annoying, but I’m still here so that counts for a lot. My self created family are still the strongest, and most caring souls I know. My herb garden I started this summer is doing wonderful. My precious little man is almost 2. Which means time to plan his birthday party. Mister Swan is wonderful as ever and got offered a better paying job and will be applying and waiting that process by tax season. My mother, after nearly 2 years is still stable, and taking her medications daily. I may not have much but thank goddess, and everyone in my life for everyone and everything I have in my life. Without everyone I have I wouldn’t have even came close to being the woman I am, let alone have the courage or strength to put in the work I have to get here. Well until I think of better and/or more to gab stay blessed, and loved everyone.