I’ve often been questioned why I embrace death many times. My answer is very simple, though I will easily elaborate to you my lovely reader. As truth lies in the statement with death comes rebirth so does the story of a phoenix hold that precious moral for all of us to embrace not fear. For example things we all find pathetic about ourselves we kill off to make room for new strengths every day. The old us dies. This leaves our new improved selves to be reborn. We die a million times per lifetime in this way if not more than that even. Yet, for most the final death is intimidating. Why? Im questioned why I dont. Yet, I only feel its logical not to fear something that we as humans do daily if not multiple times a day. Humanity is mutable and ever changing. In order to change old must die. Yet many fear the end instead of seeing it as a possible beginning of greater things to come, as each daily death has been since each of our births. We kill ourself to create a more ideal self. Now for all you questioning my embracing the fact from a logical love of creating more wondrous opportunities might I be so bold to clarify… I DO NOT CHASE DEATH I EMBRACE IT. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. The difference in which lies in the fact each living death of who I was has created who I am now and will continue until I reach who I wish to become. I enjoy the living deaths because it creates a more perfected version of who I am. I enjoy living. I do not fear dying. For I have already died countless times to become who you see before you in these words. I don’t want the finality or lack there of to take me any time soon by any means. However, when that day comes it is the deities decision not my own to make. Like a puppet on a string, humanity dances for them and when the show is over the deities, eternal masters of us  lovingly put us to rest. Its not scary at all. It just is. I will dance my dance until im no longer needed enjoying the music that is my life molding and creating me to the aesthetic  perfection of the path my deities have chosen for me. When they wish to lovingly cradle me from their knowledge of my physical exhaust I will be gracious of all they have given as I am this second. Ponder my mentality and ask yourself is it death you fear or the fear of the unknown that terrified you s