So, I know its been forever. Sorry to all my readers for my abrupt hiatus. Things have happened in my life for which I had to heal from the shame from. I am fine. Divorce isn’t easy for most but thankfully I have an amazing group who has been emotionally supportive who I feel blessed to say, have gotten me through this processes thus far. On to the topic I’ve been feeling strongly about.

As many in my inner circle know, I’ve struggled with many things in my life. Between my childhood, paganism, bad men, stresses of parenthood, and everything that comes with being me I’ve felt the need to speak directly from the heart in regards to those struggling with image issues. I use this term loosely. When I say image issues to clarify, I mean eating disorders, self loathing due to weight, and transgendered people mainly. With that being said, I beg of those who are reading this to understand what I have to say here is my opinion, and as always is coming from a loving place. To the people of the world struggling with any of these issues please know you are beautiful. I myself have been shamed for who I am and still to this day get a lot of hell for being myself. Its easier said than done but please, implore you to look inside your souls and when the evil of the world calls you unworthy, please I beg, find the beauty within you and know what you have to offer the universe. It has taken me many years to find a small list myself and im still learning how to perfect this into habit, however I have found it to be of great service to my soul to know I have at least an amazing few traits to offer those closest to me. Those things I have clung to in desperate times and have found it to be what’s been my saving grace against giving up when all looked hopeless. Im not speaking from a level of “public service”. Im speaking from the perspective of someone who has in the past struggled with feeling so low at the time I believed I was unworthy of breath let alone friendships. Please I beg you all, to remember in your darkest hour you each have at least one super power and if you own it it can and will get you through anything and everything you may be facing.

With love and light I wish you all the greatest of blessings and a great night.